FAQS - School

What is Discover Spanish for Schools?

The new Discover Spanish School Edition is a technology-based Spanish learning solution created exclusively for teachers and their students. The school version comes complete with a Teacher Dashboard which enables teachers to access printable worksheets, and in addition, easily tracks student progress for the entire year. It also comes equipped with a Student Backpack which directs students to their interactive lessons, podcasts, and a private student blog.

What grade level is Discover Spanish appropriate for?

Spanish is the most widely taught language in the US. Studies have shown that students in middle school are at the most opportune time for beginning to learn the Spanish language. Through carefully designed sequential lessons, our aim is to help Spanish teachers instill a foundation of basic conversational skills. The program is equivalent to one full year of high school Spanish, or 2-3 years of middle school Spanish.

Why is Discover Spanish so effective?

​The creators of Discover Spanish know that the key to learning a language quickly and easily is through stimulating the senses. Discover Spanish uses the immersion method to bring the sights and sounds of the Spanish language to the student. Combine that with an interactive format, and learning Spanish becomes fun and effective!

How much does it cost?

We try our best to be extremely affordable, so that teachers everywhere can take advantage of Discover Spanish for their classrooms. Because we are a subscription-based service, you will always have the most current and upgraded version on hand to use with your classroom. You can check out our current pricing at the store. School Districts- please call us for special district pricing.

Do students need to use an email address to register?

No, the program automatically creates a username and default password for students once they are added to a class.

How do I create a teacher account?

Click Teacher Sign Up  from the Language Treks School page log-in screen. You’ll need to enter an email address and password.

How do I enroll students in one of my classes?

​There are two ways to enroll students. You can give your students the class code and allow them to register themselves or you can enter the students manually. 

Does the program run on a tablet?

Yes, the program runs on a number of tablets including the Kindle Fire (Amazon), Galaxy (Samsung), Zoom (Mortorola), and most other Android-based tablets. It does not currently run on an Apple ipad but development is underway.

How do I download the podcasts to my iPod or mp3 player?

​To download the podcast to your ipod or mp3 player, go to iTunes > Podcasts > Education > Discover Spanish and click Download.

What are the system requirements?

The program requires Adobe Flash Player version 7.0 or higher to be installed on your computer. You also need to have a fully functional audio card and speakers. If you have any difficulty with the audio, please contact us.