FAQS - Library

What is Language Treks for Libraries?

The new Language Treks Library Edition is our online language-learning system available for libraries. We offer the ideal Spanish course for teens, homeschoolers and travelers of all ages plus English as a second language for Latinos.

What ages does Language Treks target?

Language Treks is for everyone ages 9 and up. Studies have shown that the best time to begin studying new language is between the ages of 9 to 14 and Language Treks was conceived as an introductory course to get students excited about learning a new language.

Do patrons need to use an email address to register?

No, patrons can use the program without creating a login account. However, patrons have the option of creating an account in order to allow their progress in the program to be saved.

Why is Language Treks so effective?

The creators of Language Treks know that the key to learning a language quickly and easily is through stimulating the senses. Language Treks uses the immersion method to bring the sights and sounds of the language to the student. Combine that with an interactive format, and learning Spanish or English becomes fun and effective!

Is there an iPad app or Android tablet app available?

Yes, we there is a Discover English app available from iTunes and from the Google store. Just download the Discover English app from the app store. Use your existing login account to access the Tablet version. Discover Spanish app is coming soon.

What are the system requirements?

Language Treks requires an online connection with a modern browser and Flash 7.0 or higher installed. The Tablet versions do not require Flash.

Where do I access my library stats?

You can log in as and Administrator to the Library Dashboard to view your month-to-month library stats.

How much does the Library Edition cost?

We offer libraries the most value for their money spent by providing the two most popular language courses for a fraction of what other language companies charge.  Please contact  us today to find out about our extremely affordable pricing.