Designed with teachers in mind!

Discover Spanish is a complete language learning system that guides and motivates beginning students in mastering a solid foundation. It was designed by language experts and supports the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

Explore it. Learn it. Speak it.

Explore it.

Students are stimulated through real-world scenarios featuring a cast of native-speaking characters. Learners are immersed in the sights and sounds of the language. They are free to independently explore the meaning of words and phrases in the context of the situation by using visual clues without translations.

Learn it.

Our building block approach breaks learning into bite-sized chunks that allow for rapid learning. Students can practice and repeat the words and phrases at their own pace and apply what they learned to new yet different situations.

Because learning about culture is paramount to learning a language, students get exposed to Spanish culture, history and lifestyles.

Speak it.

Your students will practice what they have learned with interactive exercises and games that will keep them interested and reinforce learning. Students will gain confidence and have fun using their new language skills!