Top 10 reasons why teachers want Discover Spanish for their classrooms

Fun and engaging

With a fun and engaging format that is easy to use, Discover Spanish gets students excited about learning Spanish.


Discover Spanish allows students to explore the meanings of words and phrases through visual clues and through the context of real-life situations. Translations are optional.

Ideal fit with grades 6-9 curriculum

The program supports the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning and fits with established curriculum for middle schools and high schools.

Supports multiple learning styles

Discover Spanish supports multiple learning styles enabling every type of learning to be engaged through the use of auditory, tactile and visual input.

Simple to use, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime

Students can use Discover Spanish wherever there's internet access- at school, home or away.

Provides self-paced and personalized learning

Students work through exercises and games at their own pace. The program monitors their performance and gives students extra practice in the areas that they need help.

Budget friendly

Our introductory low price of $89.95 covers everything you and your class will need for a whole year!

Keep track of student progress

The Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to easily monitor the progress of each student and the class as a whole.

Complements classroom instruction

Discover Spanish includes a full array of teaching resources including interactive lessons, flashcards, podcasts, worksheets, and games -- all designed to get your students excited about learning Spanish!

Be a part of the growing movement to learn online

Discover Spanish is used by thousands of students in all 50 states and many countries around the world.