Your language learning journey starts here

Discover Spanish is an award-winning language learning system that focuses on practical speaking skills. It’s engaging and effective - you’ll be speaking after just one lesson!

Explore it. Learn it. Speak it.

Explore it.

You’ll begin each lesson by immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of your new language where you can explore the meaning of words and phrases in the context of a real-life situation with and without a translation. Interact with a cast of native speaking characters who will engage you in learning to speak Spanish. It’s the way people learn when they are surrounded by a language in a foreign country.

Learn it.

Our program covers the four key components of language learning—vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and culture. We introduce vocabulary in specific themes to make it easier to remember. Our cast of characters provides you with professional recordings of native speakers for you to model after.  We introduce grammar concepts along with vocabulary and sentence structure to help explain how words are put together in sentences. And finally, to help you gain an understanding of the customs, etiquette and lifestyles of the people you’ll be communicating with, we incorporate culture into every lesson.

Speak it.

We give you a chance to practice what you learned with interactive exercises and entertaining games that will keep you interested and reinforce learning. When learning is fun, it’s easier to absorb and retain a new language.