A complete language learning solution

Personal guides

Johnny and Cristina help you every step of the way on your language-learning journey.


More than 500 of the most frequently used words in Spanish are taught according to theme - the most effective way to learn vocabulary.

Short, simple Lessons

Learn to speak Spanish with bite-size lessons that build upon each other for rapid learning


Easy to understand grammar explanations help build your understanding of grammar concepts

Audio recordings

State-of-the-art recordings from native Spanish speakers allow you to perfect your pronunciation.


Gain an understanding of new customs, etiquette, and lifestyles.


Learn Spanish quickly and easily anytime, anywhere.

Interactive exercises

Receive immediate feedback on how well you are doing to insure maximum retention and recall.


Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the language -- just like when you are living in a foreign country.

Conversational focus

You’ll begin to speak and understand Spanish in real-life situations after the first lesson.


Fun games reinforce learning and provide additional opportunities to practice what you’ve learned.


Use our popular podcasts as a supplement to the Discover Spanish system for learning ON THE GO!