What parents are saying

​Learning Spanish not only fulfills college entrance requirements, it also enables my child to interact in the world as a global citizen.

I love all the extras!

I learned French in school and was worried I might not be able to help my kids to learn Spanish - but I was wrong. All 3 of them, ages 11, 12, and 16 are having a blast with this program. They’re all able to work on their own computers independently and can access their own accounts. I’ve split up the 6 units for my younger two. We’re working on units 1-3 this year and 4-6 next year. The downloadable worksheets that go along with each lesson are great to have on hand. It’s like having an entire workbook to compliment the program. I love all the extras, the parent dashboard to track student progress, the podcasts, games, word of the day, flashcards, and the Student Treks Blog. Good job Discover Spanish!

~Melissa Atkins, TX

She feels smart now!

My thirteen-year-old does not seem to have an "ear" for language.  Imitation is difficult, and with other programs, she was frustrated to tears. She enjoys Discover Spanish very much, and I no longer have to coerce her into completing her Spanish work.  Also, because the phrases in the lessons are short, and constantly in front of her (she can listen to the phrases over and over!) she is FINALLY placing her "r's" and "l's" in the right places!  She wants to continue using the program because it gives her a sense of accomplishment---she feels "smart" in an area where she has previously struggled! (Phew!)

~Robin Montoya, CO

Just the thing for learning Spanish

Discover Spanish can be used as a stand alone curriculum, or as a supplement. It is equal to two years of Middle School Spanish or one year of High School Spanish. If you have a visual learner, this will be just the thing for learning Spanish! The lessons are engaging, and you can practice skills as many times as you want, with immediate feedback. Each lesson is a real-life application (The House, The Family Picnic, Pets, etc...) with different themes going with each lesson. We liked that it was conversational, and my daughter took part in real-life conversations with Johnny Spanish.

~Mary M. Prather, GA


Our high schooler enjoys learning with Discover Spanish and is learning rapidly. We enjoy travel, so having lessons available online is essential. Excelente! Muy bien! and Gracias!! We are happy home schoolers_ highly recommend Discover Spanish!!!!”

~C Lane, MD

My kids love Johnny and Cristina!

Both my children are loving this program. It’s amazingly simple and fun, and they are REALLY learning to speak Spanish! My older daughter, 14, is taking on the responsibility of helping her younger brother learn. We study Spanish three mornings a week for 30 minutes. After dinner they often return to it on their own to play the games or practice conversations by mimicking Johnny and Cristina.”

~ R. Simmons, CA

Good for the whole family

Where was Discover Spanish when my wife and I were learning a language?! 4 of our 5 children use the program and Spanish has quickly become their favorite subject. We especially enjoy the match games and like to play on teams one night a week. Even the six year old wants in and is picking up lots of words by playing along. Thank you for producing an excellent product.”

~ Justin Greene, MN

Perfect for homeschooling

Thank you for making a program that is perfect for homeschooling. Everything about this is awesome- our family loves it! Wish we had never bought (ahem) that “other” language software last year. What a waste of money! --Definitely not worth the time or effort it required.

~ Sara Rutherford, NC