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Our Story

Many moons ago we started working at educational software giants, like the Learning Company, creating great educational software programs like Oregon Trail and Reader Rabbit that made learning fun and effective.

When we first began the journey of building a learn-to-speak-Spanish program, we envisioned an online program that would be tailor-made for the average person struggling to learn a foreign language and not really having much luck with it.

Our goal was to make a Spanish program that empowers students to pursue their own curiosity and motivates students to learn at their own pace using a variety of learning styles that work best for each student. In short, we wanted to create an engaging language learning experience that really works.

Our content and new approach were first on the scene and changed the way the world thinks about and learns a new language. We are proud of our accomplishments and excited about what the future holds.  We are committed to making learning fun. Thanks for your support!

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